Monday, January 3, 2011


Over the last couple of weeks, several of my Facebook friends have mentioned that they do not care for Oprah. Some say that she is fake, others have other reasons for not liking her. Some have made comments such as “I guess you have to be on the Forbes list in order for Ms. Winfrey to like you” and “I can't stand who she portrays to be when hosting her show.” However, I am proud that she has created her OWN network.” Although they say they do not like her, they have recognized her success and some have said they are proud of her accomplishments. I like Oprah, I’m not a die-hard fan like some out there but I like her. I don’t DVR her show but if I happen to catch it, I watch it and enjoy it. I did watch it more regularly in the past. I also respect what she has accomplished as well as all of her charitable endeavors and admire her for that. One person said that she had a friend who appeared on the show and that who we see on TV isn’t the real person. Other people brought up the point that she is at work when hosting her show and just as we tend to mask our behavior at our jobs, she has the right to do the same thing. I thought that point was right on target. I feel that people are harder on celebrities than other people. Human nature dictates that we critique them harder but is that really fair? Hmmm…….
Now that her long running talk show has come to an end, Oprah Winfrey debuted her OWN network this weekend. Winfrey had hip hop star Jay-Z featured. Jay-Z was the focus of the show, called Master Class, which focuses on successful individuals and how they use their life lessons to teach others.
I have not seen the episode yet but from what I have read, Oprah says that Jay-Z’s episode exemplifies the ability for people to come from a negative environment yet still be able to make a positive impact on the world. Some people on Facebook were debating Oprah’s choice of Jay-Z. What do you think?
That’s something to talk about.........


  1. I am one of those people that was discussing Oprah and her new found love for Sean Carter. I don't believe that she would be into him if he wasn't married to "America's Sweetheart" Beyonce Knowles. Or if he wasn't on the Forbes list. I just remember her damning all hip hop before ever giving it a chance. Now you hear about her attending his concerts. Promoting his book. It's just funny to me. That's all. Go Oprah do your thing girl.

  2. I love Oprah! She is awesome! I think she is an inspiration.